DYNamic DotNet Superclient - un client de mise à jour de DNS dynamique / DYNDNS C# client

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DYNamic DotNet Superclient

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What is DYNamic DotNet Superclient ? It is used to update your DYNDNS account. There are many clients, but mine is FREE and with FULL SOURCE. Enjoy it, and tell me if you like it ! That's all I ask of you :).

Keywords :


What you can do with it NOW :
  • Update as many accounts as you wish
  • Check IP before update (if same as last update, if same as in DNS)
  • Update even if you are behind a NAT (check thanks to the Web your external IP)
  • Have an automatic update (timed)
  • Edit yourself the config file (you won't be willing, but it's XML)
  • Play with the form transparency (totally useless)
  • ...
What you will be able to do (one day, 'cause I'm too lazy right now) :
  • Modify account info (now delete and make a new one)
  • Avoid annoying message boxes on error
  • Be aware of network connection/disconnection (to update right on time or stop trying to update when useless to)
  • ...

Notes on initial release (22 febr. 2004) [version 0.1.1512.21338]:
Pretty proud of this code :). It has been written after a discussion with a friend of mine who was also my boss, Mr. Laurent ELLERBACH, Microsoft France responsible for relation with high schools. I wrote the main code within an hour, but it didn't worked and I wasn't able to figure out WHY ... So I forgot this project for 2 month or so, and I played with it for fun a few days ago and : it worked !! It seems that the original error wasn't mine ;).
So, happy I am of this small piece o' code. Enjoy it, tell me if something goes wrong or is missing, or even if you like it very much !!!!


par Alain Vizzini (vizzini@essi.fr)
pour l'ESSI & Microsoft, création 22-02-2004, dernière màj 22-02-2004

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